It Started With A Dream,
So You Know It Will Be Good.

 Hi, I’m Bobby the Warlock, and the Festival of Masks came to me in a dream, with many happy people having fun in a grand festival with masquerade masks and brightly colored tents.

There were plays and dancing and troupes of performers of all stripes and colors. And there were stories galore, stories galore!
A tavern, a flagon, so tell us some more! Tell us some more!


I’m beginning the festival this year on September 11th.

We will wear masks to get up and tell clean, family-friendly stories – the more outrageous, the better.

The crowd will vote who told stories best, and the winner will get a small prize.

Probably some cool rocks I found.

That said, I am a rock hound and fine artist, so it will be treasure.

Sponsors are welcome to contact me to develop this into something gloriously fun for all.

We’ll begin new legends together.

Contact me at