Octopus Apothecary

Octopus Apothecary

The Octopus Apothecary waves his many limbs around in greeting. “Welcome to my shop! I hope you find some fancy gifts for someone. Or are you getting something for yourself today? We have a fine assortment of incense, candles and HEY!

It suddenly yells, and points to another patron across the way.

“Ho, ho, ho! It’s not Christmas for you! Sticky fingers, is it?!”

The patron turns about, bewildered. “Who, me?!”

“Don’t play coy with me, turkey! What’s that in your backpack!?

Out from their backpack the culprit springs. It’s one of those Book-Gobblin’ Goblin Ghouls!

The hideous thing scrambles to the ground, with a slightly ruffled notebook in hand, and four or five pencils in its grubby fingers.

The poor patron exclaims, “I’m a student! He just stole my homework!”

The Book-Gobblin’ Goblin Ghoul slams the pencils into the wall and climbs them up to the ceiling, using them like an impromptu ladder, and pushes past the drop-ceiling in a heartbeat, escaping into the wooden beams and duct work.

The patron points a finger at you in accusation: “Now look what you’ve done! You let it get away!”

You stammer, “I didn’t, uh…”

The Octopus Apothecary slaps its forehead. “Did you even try to stop it?”

Undead Empress Karen
Book Gobblin' Goblin Ghoul

The Undead Empress Karen suddenly appears from behind a corner, and opens a portal! The Book-Gobblin’ Goblin Ghoul escapes with her through it, and before you know it you are also sucked through.

The Octopus Apothecary sets its many tentacles akimbo.

“Well isn’t it just like them to visit and leave like that. I didn’t even get to tell them about the new transdimensional security system I installed last week. Looks like I forgot to plug it in.”

The Octopus Apothecary plugs in a strange device!

On The Other Side…

This is definitely one of those “bad places” your grandmother warned you to stay away from.

Monkey Portal

A sludge-headed monkey stands before you, blocking your way back through the portal.

“I just got this job. They just plugged in my command module. You want back through, you gotta go through me, see? I just need you to prove you have at least seen part of the Big Riddle. That way I know you’re cool.”