Grab Your Masquerade Masks, Oh Iron Mountain Troubadours!

October Is The Festival of Masks!

The Undead Empress Karen waited for too long without speaking with the manager, and now her fiendish mob of Book-Gobbling Goblin Ghouls is stealing history until she is the only one with stories, and then SHE will be the manager.
Help the Grand Troubadour save our stories from this surprisingly boring but malicious monster and her vile gang of thoughtless goons.
Make sure she never takes the managerial throne!
Undead Empress Karen Upset

Your quest begins at Noggin Games in Cedar City.

Traipse to one of our participating locations:
Look for the Festival of Masks Participating Location flyer in the window!


The Grand Troubadour

“You’ll need this.

– The Grand Troubadour

Festival of Masks Decoder Ring

If you are clever and intrepid, you will employ our handy Festival of Masks Decoder Ring to interpret secrets hidden throughout town, and bring back the stories.

Begin your quest at Noggin Games

and Get The Decoder Ring!

1830 N. Main St Ste. 3,
Cedar City
, UT 84721
(435) 586-3423

These are our partner locations:

Click the store button when you visit that shop.

Bombay Cafe
Notorious D.O.G. House
Octopus Apothecary
Get our amazing masks!

Stay tuned because this thing is still being born,
and let me just say, whoah baby! -Bobby